Stockings from a sweater

Stockings from a sweater

I found this idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have a go at making Christmas stockings out of an old sweater. Martha Stewart lets you print a stocking template out on her website, so I followed that.


And I didn’t actually have a sweater I was willing to sacrifice for the cause, so I went to Good Will and found an extra large brown wool sweater for a few dollars that was big enough for two stockings.

I cut out two stocking-shaped pieces from the fabric, making the bottom of the sweater the top of the stocking, so I wouldn’t have lose ends to sew up.


And then I sewed the two pieces together. Of course, leave the top open. And you’ll be flipping it inside out, so make sure the good side is facing in while you’re sewing. I just sewed it with needle and thread, but if you have a sewing machine, that would make it much quicker.


I used the sweater’s collar to make the cuff for the stocking, and sewed that on while it was inside out. And then I used the sleeve lining for the handle, which I sewed onto the cuff.


I was hoping to make stockings out of a brighter sweater, but I couldn’t find one. So I spiced things up by sewing little button faces on the cuff. Maybe they could even pass as reindeer.

Don't you just love him?

Don’t you just love him?