It's squash season! And you can use ALL of the squash.

Winter Squash

This year, we decided to grow squash in our garden. Because I absolutely LOVE baking squash in the fall and adding a little brown sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil to make it delicious. And they took over!

I’ve never cooked with winter squash and these were so huge, I was a little intimated by them and worried they would take hours to cook. But finally, I decided to try it, and it was so worth it. It took three pans to cook them. And the inside smelled like a sweet pumpkin.

Josh has gotten really into making up his own recipes using The Flavor Bible lately. You look up winter squash in there, and they list all of the ingredients that go well with it. We pulled: cream (bechamel sauce!), coocnut milk (that we put into the bechamel sauce), marjoram, thyme and sage (which we grew in our garden), and parmesan cheese. And we made a delicious lasagna!